Yoga classes

Yoga with views of the Empordà

Yoga classes are much more than a simple exercise or a simple relaxation. The main objectives of Yoga are obtained, above all, when one begins to listen to one's own body with respect and sensitivity; when one is able to observe the processes of the mind with objectivity and detachment, and when one learns to live life from one's own inner reality.

Surely more than once you have thought and even proposed to start practicing Yoga. Maybe this is your moment. We offer you the opportunity to obtain all the benefits of Yoga and to begin to take care of your body and also your interior. We have expert teachers, with years of experience in teaching, who teach Yoga classes to connect through work with the body, with the deepest part of yourself / that forgotten but true part that can make you more aware of your potentials and natural resources, as well as your resistances and fears.


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