Visits to megalithic monuments

Discovering the heritage of a place allows you to get to know the history of the civilisations that have inhabited its territory. The coast of Girona and the Empordà are rich in monuments and megalithic sites left by the Iberians, remains of the Greek settlements, of the Roman civilisation and of the Middle Ages. 

Near Can Xiquet there are remains of megalithic culture, such as dolmens (monumental tombs made of huge slabs of stone), prehistoric caves, Iberian settlements and the impressive Greek and Roman site at Empúries.

Of the various megalithic regions in Catalonia, the Empordà is home to the most important ones. The Rodes and the Albera mountain ranges contain more than a hundred dolmens and menhirs. The largest in Catalonia is the one in Creu d'en Cobertella, in the municipality of Roses.

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