4th of May

Come to enjoy a Wellness Night:

Conference + Special dinner + Sound Experience 



In the Costa Brava and the Eastern Pyrenees, you can enjoy numerous excursions, either following the GR long-distance footpaths, the shorter PR footpaths or the SL local footpaths, there are also the routes that are part of the Itinerànnia network. In addition to these, the coastal paths mean you can get to know the beaches and bays of the Costa Brava.

You can take a guided route accompanied by a specialist to get to know the countryside of the Girona Pyrenees mountains or unforgettable areas of the Costa Brava. There are also family hiking routes suitable for children and trekking routes in the mountains. Those who enjoy trail running can follow tracks for mountain races or you can choose steep paths that are perfect for mountaineering and climbing. Hiking is an ideal activity for all age groups and can be done at any time of year.

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